May 28, 2019

Beginners who have just started to engage in the gym, you need to lay the foundation, the foundation. Not every program is suitable for this. Behind each element of any complex is always a specific meaning.

Division into body parts.
As a rule, athletes train each muscle group separately. This type of training is considered the most effective for the growth of muscle mass. In order for the musculature to develop harmoniously, equal attention should be paid to each part of the body. As a rule, two or three exercises for each muscle group are sufficient for this. One muscle is worked out no more than once every seven to ten days.

Composing yourself a training program, choose two or three exercises for each muscle group. But keep in mind that the first should go the basic exercise, which involves two or more joints. Many exercises can be performed in various ways. Over time, you will comprehend all these wisdom and will choose exercises so that at the same angle to load the same muscles.

Weight of weight
At the beginning of training, work with the smallest weights to feel the exercise and learn the technique. Only then begin to increase the load.
Never forget about the warm-up: do the first approach with a minimum weight to warm up the muscles and disperse the blood. In the second approach, slightly increase the burden. Well, for the third, pick up a weight with which you can do 8-10 repetitions. With him and continue to work.

Set is a combination of one exercise of several repetitions. Beginners each exercise should start with a warm-up set (with less weight), and then go to the worker.
When your preparatory period in training is over, start working so that you can perform the required number of repetitions to failure, that is, to a state where you are no longer able to do a single repetition above the norm. And the weight of the burden, respectively.

Many, in pursuit of great weight, completely forget about technology. And when performing an exercise, additional muscles are included in the work, sometimes completely excluding the work of the target muscle (cheating). For a beginner, cheating is absolutely unacceptable, since the exercise loses its meaning. Remember, you need to work with a weight that does not spoil the technique.

Never hold your breath for all repetition. Before each take a deep breath, and exhale at the most difficult point of recovery.

Pause between sets.
Usually the muscles have 45-90 seconds to rest. Big muscles need a little more time, smaller ones need a little less. Do not tighten your rest, do not chat with neighbors in the hall, do not waste your time.
It is also important to consider the weight with which you work. If you focus on strength training, relax longer. But shorter pauses will force you to work with smaller weights, but, on the other hand, this type of training has a better effect on muscle growth.

Amplitude of
movement. Perform all movements at full amplitude to maximize muscle tension.

Training frequency
If you worked on all muscle groups on Monday, then training cannot be repeated on Tuesday. The body needs at least 48 hours to recover. Do not forget that muscles grow when they rest, so create ideal conditions for them. If the muscle is at least a little sore, set it aside. But too rare training for beginners is also not suitable. The best option for you - workout every two or three days.

Duration of training
If you strictly follow this scheme, then the training should take you about 60 minutes. And remember that the quality of training is determined by the intensity, not the time spent in the hall.

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