Do you need separate amino acids when you have enough protein?

May 20, 2021

Amino acids are the end product of protein breakdown. And if you get enough protein, you get a lot of individual amino acids.

However, there are a number of "amines" that are sold separately. Like BCAA, glutamine and others. And a reasonable question: why do we need these amino acids separately, if they are already in the complex protein?

In fact, in addition to creating new protein structures, amino acids each have their own secondary functions. And often these functions directly or indirectly affect the process of muscle growth or recovery. But then again ... They are in the complex protein ...

Yes there is. But an increase in the concentration of individual amino acids significantly affects the functions that they perform. Take citrulline or arginine , for example . Take one of them before training and you will feel the strongest pumping (pumping muscles with blood). Despite the fact that arginine is in complete protein products , you will never be able to achieve the required concentration of arginine for such a pumping. Even if you eat 5 g of protein per 1 kg. weight. Not only will you not be able to get the right amount, you will not increase its concentration at once, since protein is absorbed gradually, and amino acids are absorbed instantly.

This also applies to other amino acids. For example, BCAA . I already wrote an article about them , in which I cited all the scientific data that showed that high concentrations of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) affect muscle growth and recovery. And he also shot a video where he indirectly disassembled glutamine.

In other words, the concentration of certain amino acids enhances their function. And amino acids are not only "building blocks" for the creation of protein structures, but also a kind of "regulators", each of which performs its own function. And if we take one of the amino acids, which is responsible for a specific process, and increase its concentration, then we get an "intensification" of this process. That's all the math.

And I repeat that often, in order to cause an intensification of a specific process, one needs a great deal of concentration at once. You can get a lot of the same arginine in your diet throughout the day without creating a pumping effect. And if the concentration grows at one moment, then we get this "bonus". This, in most cases, also applies to other amino acids. And that's why some of them are recommended to be taken separately, just like creatine .

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