What to do if there was a stagnation in the bench press?

April 24, 2019

For example, you press 90 kg 8 times. It's been a month, two months, and you still have to press the 90 kg 8 times. Naturally, no one will like it, perhaps even such that the interest in training will simply simply disappear.

What to do if there is stagnation? Let's discuss the reasons.

Causes of stagnation in the bench press:

Weak triceps - A common cause of stagnation. For example, the barbell goes down easily, rises easily too, but at some point (approximately in the middle) the bar suddenly stops or rises, but very hard and slow - this means that you have a weak triceps compared to the chest. In order to strengthen the triceps for bench press, there is such an exercise as - Press on the beam. It is done this way: you lie down on the bench for the bench as usual, the partner puts a beam on your chest, you take up the barbell, and as usual press it, but only until it touches the beam. (Putting the barbell on the timber is impossible, just a light touch). As the bar touches the bar, immediately lift the bar up. Make sure that your partner does not put pressure on your chest with a bar, he should rest calmly on your chest, and the partner only holds him so that he does not fall. Do this bench instead of the usual one, do three or three workouts. Press the bar, then again the usual bench press. When pressing on a bar, the weight increases by 5-20 kg compared to a regular bench press.

Weak chest - It is possible that your chest is already accustomed to the same load, and simply simply does not respond to training. In this case, you should try to change the number of approaches / repetitions. For example, you press 4 sets 8 times, change it to 5 sets 5 times. Also, change the exercise of the bench press on the bench, on the dumbbell bench press for a while (for example, on a month), and then return to the bar again. Add exercises wiring dumbbells lying, parallel bars. In general, give the breast the load that it does not expect. You need to press a weight that is difficult to shake 6, 7, 8 times in a 3-4 approach. If you are unable to shake the 8th repetition in the first approach, then the weight must be lost.

Improper technology is also a fairly frequent cause of stagnation. View the correct technique of bench press, you can in our public.

Overtraining breasts - some people think that the more they “hammer” their breasts, the faster they will grow, but this is not so. Chest enough to train 1-2 times a week, no more. It is necessary to give the breast a proper rest after exertion. Also, poor nutrition and lack of sleep can cause stagnation.
In general, in order to grow better power indicators in the bench press, you should avoid what is described above. Congestions are all. No need to worry if he has come to you (and sooner or later, everything will come exactly). It is necessary immediately, as the stagnation has come, to take measures for its “penetration”. Understand the causes of this stagnation, prepare a plan, and go through it. Often, stagnation can come on completely “funny” scales, for example 60 kg. In this case, it is not necessary to look for any kind of over the workout program, it’s enough to figure it all out, change your workouts a little and get everything right.

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